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Software Program Comments Backlink Wizard™ - quickly and easily find blog posts and web pages in your niche to leave quality, dofollow and nofollow, comments with backlinks.

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Comments Backlink Wizard™ software program

Comments Backlink Wizard software program.

Purpose of Comments Backlink Wizard™

Comments Backlink Wizard™ is a blog comment posting software that makes it fast and easy to find various types of blogs and web pages, relevant to your niche, that allow comments with a backlink. The seo benefits of this include:

  1. Raising of search engine placement of your web site or blog. Search engine see backlinks as votes for your web site from other web sites. By slowly and steadily building backlinks over time your site will have more authority and relevance in the eyes of the search engines. Raising your search placement closer to the first page of search results will bring natural, targeted, traffic to your web site or blog.
  2. Comments on target web sites with a backlink to your site or blog can result in direct traffic to your site or blog when a visitor at the target web site sees your comment and backlink and clicks on it - either for more more information or out of curiosity.

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The Secret to Effective Blog Comments and Backlinks

Many marketers make the mistake of volume over quality when it comes to blog comments and backlinking. Here is why this is a mistake:

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Blog Comments + Backlinks to Many Different Blog Types

Comments Backlink Wizard™ is designed to make it easy to find a large variety of different types of blogs and web pages including:

It is important to build blog comment backlinks, not just from DoFollow sites with a high page rank but from many different types of blogs:

The reason for this is search engines don't like it when webmasters or affiliates try to use manipulative methods to modify web site placement and rankings in search results. They like it when real internet surfers like a web site or blog and recommend it by placing comments and backlinks on their own. So when using a program like Comments Backlink Wizard™ we want to create backlinking in a manner that looks normal and natural.

Real internet surfers don't leave blog comments and backlinks and JUST high page rank sites or JUST DoFollow blogs. By mixing it up and leaving comments at a variety of blog types we mimic the actions of real internet surfers and the results of our backlink campaigns, in this manner, will be the most effective and powerful over the long haul.

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How Comments Backlink Wizard™ Works

These are the step by step instructions for using Comments Backlink Wizard™ in the most effective and most powerful manner. Each of the programs features is covered in details. Follow this tutorial in order, step by step, for most effective blog commenting results.

[1] Select Blog or Site Type to Leave Comments

Select the type of site or blog you want to find to post comments and backlinks at.

Remember the key to effective backlink commenting is variety in terms of blog type and page rank. So use one type today and a different one tomorrow.

Comments Backlink Wizard software program with blog type section highlighted.

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[2] Select When The Blog or Web Page was Posted

Comments Backlink Wizard software program with blog age section highlighted.The newer the blog post the less comments there will be which means:

Selecting the blog age is a double edged sword. If you look for posts or pages that are only a week old your search within Comments Backlink Wizard™ may not produce many or any results.

The best way to use Comments Backlink Wizard™ is to first perform the search choosing within a week. If you are not getting enough or any results then choose within a month and perform the search again. If still not enough results select anytime.

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[3] Enter a Keyword or Keyword Phrase

Comments Backlink Wizard software program with keyword section highlighted.

Enter a word or two that represents the site you are linking back to in the blog comments you create.

So for example, if you want to link back to your site about baking pie recipes enter the phrase baking pies. If your search does not produce enough results reduce the number of words to baking pies or pie recipes.

DO NOT surround your keyword phrase with quotation marks " as this will cause the program to not perform the search correctly. If you are looking to narrow down the number of web pages returned in the search then use the select when blog was posted feature.

Click the Go button. This will open up the required search results in your default browser. From there you can browse through the blogs you wish to leave comments on.

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Comments Generator Section of Comments Backlink Wizard™

How to access Comment Generator section of the software.This part of Comments Backlink Wizard™ can be accessed by clicking the mouse on the vertically aligned  COMMENT GENERATOR  strip which expands the program to reveal the Comments Generator section.

This part of Comments Backlink Wizard™ is designed to make meaningful, well written, comments easier to create. Keep in mind in order to do this you actually have to read the blog (or at least skim over it)

This part of the software uses a template where you enter information about the blog post or web page in three text boxes and then click the [ create new ] button which uses a combination of spin syntax and the content you entered to create a unique, meaningful comment that will get approved by the site or blog owners.

[1] Select your Overall Feelings About the Page

Select your overall feelings about the blog.From the drop down list select the one word which best describes your overall feelings about the blog.

When creating the comment via Comments Backlink Wizard the software will randomly choose one from close to a dozen synonyms that mean the same thing as the word you choose. For example if you choose the word interesting will use one of the following words:

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[2] Fill in the Textbox with Blog Details

Fill in program textboxes with more details about the blog you are about to comment on.Fill in the three textboxes as shown in the picture to the left.

This part is the key to showing the blog or site owner (and other visitors) you actually read the page and provide valuable content and feedback about the page.

This is what will prevent your comment from being tagged as spam and being deleted.

  1. Enter reason why you feel this way about the blog post. If you selected interesting for your overall feelings about the page fill in this textbox with a little bit of an elaboration as to why you found the blog post interesting.
  2. Enter what you like best about the page. This acts as a compliment to the writer of the blog post or web page and further proves you actually read the page and gave it a little thought.
  3. Enter a final thought about the blog post. This can be either a suggestion for an improvement in the page or an overall thought or feeling about the topic in general.

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[3] Creating the Blog Comment

Creating the output comment with Comments Backlink Wizard

The final step in the creation of the actual blog comment is pressing the [ create new ] button.

This will cause the software to take what you selected and input in steps #1 & #2 above and tie it together to creating a nice, personalized, specific, blog or site comment that will be meaningful and will get approved by the site owner because it offers value which means a seo, link juice, page rank boosting, backlink to your site or blog.

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[4] Output Comment Section

Output comment section of Comments Backlink Wizard.In this section (white text boxes) you fill out the information that will be posted in the blog or site comment text fields.

  1. [N]ame - you can use a one or two word keyword phrase related to your niche as name because with many blog or site comments this will be hyperlinked via the web address you speciful in [U]rl.
  2. [E]mail - this can be anything. It is not used, abused, spammed, etc. so it really does not matter what you put here for an email. I am not really sure why blog comment text fields ask for this.
  3. [U]rl - this would be the backlink to your web site or blog. Some of the blog sites you will post comments at also allow you to put a web address in the comment as well.

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[5] Auto Keypress Feature

The auto keypress feature to auto paste your blog comment.

You can copy and paste [N]ame, [E]mail, [U]rl, [C]comment text fields manually into the blog or site comment by simply double clicking any of the textboxes which will automatically copy the contents to clipboard.

The auto keypress feature makes it a little bit faster. To turn auto keypress on:

  1. To use the auto keypress feature check the checkbox  auto keypress  as shown in image 1 to the left. This will cause  auto keypress  to turn green and a small rectangle to appear with the word  NumLock  next to it as shown in  image 2.
  2. If the NumLock key on your keypress is depressed the small rectangle will be green. If not, depress your keyboard NumLock key so now your version of Comments Backlink Wizard™ looks like image 3 to the left.

Now all you have to do is type the letter on your keyboard between [ and ] and the contents of the entire text field will be pasted into the blog or site comment text field. So for example, type the letter N on your keyboard and your name will be pasted, type E to paste the email, type U to paste the url and type C to paste the comment. Overall the auto keypress is a small time saver.

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