Blog Comment Examples

Examples of Good Blog Comments and Bad Blog Comments. How to Prevent your Blog Comments from being Disapproved and Tagged as Comment Spam

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The whole point of posting a comment at a blog or a web site is to get an increase in traffic back to your site or blog in one of two ways:

  1. Someone reads and likes your comment and clicks on the backlink out of curiosity or to find out more information about your web site.
  2. The accumulation of blog comment backlinks, over time, will cause in increase in your site or blogs page rank due to link juice.

Ideally you want to benefit of both. However if you post bad blog comments they won't get approved and you will only succeed at annoying a lot of blog owners and wasting your time posting comments.

What is a bad blog comment? A comment that is spun from a mass blog comment posting software program that produces a generic comment that makes it obvious to everyone you never read the blog post or web page.

Example of bad blog comments:

These types of comments offer nothing of value to the site or the readers. They merely succeed at annoying the blog or site moderator that he/she has to deal with (delete) the comment in the first place.

To leave a good blog comment you have to make sure you do one thing: READ THE BLOG POST!

Comments Backlink Wizard comments generator tab.How else can you possibly leave a comment that shows you read the web page or blog post.

Comments Backlink Wizard™ built in comment generator has three small textboxes you must fill out related to the content of the post.

You simply need to spend a couple of minutes reading the blog post and then about 30 seconds to fill in the textboxes. At that point you can click the [ create new ] to create a meaningful blog comment that incorporates a combination of what you entered into the three textbox plus spun content.

Bottom line is you don't have to think very long or very hard to create a great comment that will get approved and provide a valuable backlink. If you take the lazy approach and try to get a mass blog spam posting software program to do the work for you I guarantee Google will bite you in the ass for it, if not now, later.