How to Make Word Link to Url

Instructions How to Make a Word in a Blog Comment Link to a Url or Web Site.

Connect with BlogCommentsBacklinkWizard

One of the types of sites you can search for to leave comments with Comments Backlink Wizard™ is blog posts or web pages that allow anchor text in comments so it would be useful to learn how to make a word link to a url or web address.

Creating a link out of a word is basic html and not difficult at all to do. Lets say, for example you want to have the word CommentBacklinkWizard link to Here is the syntax.

To make it even easier to make a word link to a web page use the form below.

Enter the url here:

Enter word or phrase here:


Simply copy and paste what's in the output textbox into the blog comment and you have successfully made a word or phrase link to a url.